Harassment and Invasion: The story of Moral Policing

Those who engage in moral policing are generally motivated by delusions of enacting some noble purpose, soldiering tirelessly for the well-being of society. Instead, moral policing should be seen for what it is, that is, an infringement of individual rights, freedom, and privacy, and harassment. The ethical codes of a few shouldn’t be forced on the many. Those who partake in moral policing need to understand that culture evolves, and traditions change, instead of stubbornly clinging to the last vestiges of archaic beliefs and morals that lend them power and authority.

Wellness beyond the Physicality: Admin’s response to the mental health crisis

Especially after the pandemic, mental health challenges among students have reached an unprecedented rate, and often students find it difficult to socialise with others. And the stigma around viewing mental health crises as not a real problem made the situation worse.