T5E Debates: A Case for a Better Education

“While it is convenient to make a multitude of claims about how the fee hike is part of an elaborate plot to privatise higher education, and how this hike will prevent bright, but less affluent, students from joining an IIT, it’s critical to see if this story fits the facts … a much more important and pressing issue for India today is the abysmal quality of its primary and secondary school education. This is a disproportionately larger bottleneck in ensuring that everyone gets a fair shot at getting an IIT education (or more broadly, a good higher education). It would be prudent for us, the so-called cream of Indian youth, to spend more time addressing this fundamental issue, instead of arguing over the relative trivialities of a fee-hike for an already heavily subsidised world-class education.”
Vinay ‘Slicer’ Sridhar writes an argument in support of the ongoing fee increase in the IITs.

T5E Debates: Let Them Eat Cake

“The recent fee hike, especially the near-100% hike in the B.Tech tuition fee, is a misguided decision which has negative implications and raises ethical questions. The present fee hikes and the direction of higher education policy have a definite slant towards the ideology that education is a commercial venture.”
A.M. Ayyappadas writes an argument against the ongoing fee hike in the IITs.

Response to ‘A Different Take on Saarang’

The following is an open letter that was sent to T5E in response to A Different Take on Saarang. It was written by Ravi Musti (MnM), who was Cul-Sec (Arts), 2012-2013, with inputs from the Core team, Saarang 2013. It has been published as received by T5E, and has not been edited in any way. “This article is an attempt to discuss the practicality of certain suggestions (?) made. It is also an attempt at informing the student community on what goes on the inside so that they can form their own opinions on what the festival has become today and where it is going in future.”

A Different Take On Saarang

In this opinion piece, the author opines, “Saarang, over the past few years (perhaps since Opeth arrived in our Golden Jubilee year and changed things forever), has begun to overrate its proshows. It’s perhaps time to ruminate over what the exact purpose of some of these proshows are, especially the Rock Show, which makes a loss every year … More ideologically, the overselling of proshows is undermining what really is the heart and soul of Saarang: events.”

SAC Meeting Review: 30 October 2013

Aroon Narayanan reviews the latest SAC meeting, and asks, “Is it not possible to find a more efficient method of conducting SAC sessions wherein all topics that are raised can be dealt with satisfactorily? Are two sessions enough for the SAC to efficiently tackle all the issues that need its attention in a semester? How accountable does the SAC see itself with respect to the efficacy of its functioning?”

Taramandal: A Review

The Thespian Club’s theatre group Stagecoach took their production out this year with ‘Taramandal’. The play was performed at T.N. Rajaratnam Auditorium in R.A. Puram, on the 25th of October.
Taramandal’s author, Neel Chaudhuri, based it on the Satyajit Ray short story Patol Babu, Film Star. The play is a set of similar stories, with Patol Da’s narrative interspersed throughout.

Kalaikoodam: Insti Adds Art to its Palette

The weekend of 26th and 27th October saw a brand new entry to the wide-ranging list of events to which IITM plays host: an art festival-of-sorts. Kalaikoodam, a Fine Arts Club initiative, is probably the first of its kind to be held in the Institute. Events comprised an interactive graffiti project by visual artist and photographer Vimal Chandran, a junk-art workshop by artist and sculptor Jacob Jebaraj, and a lecture on ‘Everything could be art, everyone could be an artist’ by artist Bose Krishnamachari. An exhibition displaying the works of artists in IITM was also conducted on both days.