Humans of Insti: Prof. Balaganesan

We’ve all attended (freshies still are), often grumbling, the rather annoying Workshop Training Session “offered” by our institute. But how much do we really know about the man responsible for the winter hullabaloo? Or anything else really, about what the Senior Technical Officer in IIT Madras (yes, that position exists) has to deal with managing a workshop as impressive and humungous as ours?

Insti Whatsit Person

“It is coming back to the room and deciding to lay down for an hour and waking up to find you were transported to a world which is a four full hours ahead. It is your ears refusing to let the lectures penetrate deep enough to reach your brain. It is the long purposeless wandering of your feet on the insti roads at night, past sleeping dogs, past lone cycles, feeling your soul floating in the night sky sometimes with a moon — even a supermoon — for company. It is sitting down to study only to see your hand move against your will like Pettigrew’s towards your phone to check: what are the several cats doing on Facebook now, how many likes does Emma Watson have on her page…Wait, I think I should be studying. Woah, so many Whatsapp messages. What is the PQR Hostel group up to now? When did XYZ change their dp? She looks nice. Why am I even online? Why am I even alive? Let me Google ‘most powerful motivational sites’… I am killing it now, here goes….Hey, what’s up da?. Me, I am studying…. Shut the phone…..let’s get some tea. Ramu? I should be back as soon as possible and study. How about the library? Is it too cold? Actually too far. I will sit he- why is the room so messy! No wonder I am not studying much. Let me rearrange things. “

Kashish Forward: Movie Screening and Panel Discussion

“The panel-discussion that followed mainly focused on the activities of Vannam and the manner in which the institute bureaucracy could help foster a conducive setting for LGBTQIA groups and the converse. There was a comment on the planning of buildings on campus that seems to buy into the gender binary quite easily, with exclusive hostel spaces meant exclusively for one gender. One of the students, questioned the sustainability of same-sex relationships, for example. Coming back to Vannam, the discussion steered towards the status of the group as a non-recognized body within campus and the pressing to need to increase its outreach, either through becoming a recognized body or otherwise to promote a sense of tolerance for the other.”