‘Stranded’ – That Unforgettable Week at IITM

We – the Inter IIT contingent, research scholars, project students and final year students sitting for placements – were the only students left in the campus. People had tried to warn us about the ravages of the oncoming rains but we didn’t listen. Why bother? Something similar had hit Chennai just two weeks before. Or so we thought…

IITM’s Pollution Anomaly

On 15th December, 2015 NDTV ran a story reporting that IIT Madras is the second most polluted place in the country. For anyone who has been in the campus though, excessively high pollution levels seem absurdly ridiculous to believe. To get to the root of the matter, we spoke to the Chairman of the Engineering Unit, Prof. Ligy Philips, whose research interests include air pollution modelling and control.