Election Matters: SGS Soapbox

A charged atmosphere led to the most awaited soapbox of the elections season. People trickled in throughout the Sports Secretary’s soapbox, filling the central section of SAC Middle Earth. The candidates were at their podiums before the applause for Sethu (Sports Sec candidate) died down. It was soon replaced by even louder applause and cheering for both the candidates, applause that refused to die down until repetitive warnings were given by the SAC Speaker. The candidates then explained in detail about their manifestos, first Sreeharsha, and then Purab Jain. This was followed by a Q&A session. The article is accordingly split into two sections – Manifesto Brief and Question and Answer Session.

Election Matters : HAS, Sports Sec and CulSec (Arts) Soapboxes

In yet another article on the election soapboxes, we present summaries of the soapboxes of the following three unopposed candidates: Kishore KS, Sethu Madhavan and Gokulesh TG contesting for the posts of HAS, Sports Secretary and Cultural Affairs Secretary (Arts) respectively. The audience for each of these soapboxes was small, as expected. Nevertheless, please read through the article to know more about your candidates.

Election Matters : AAS, IAR Sec and CoCAS Soapboxes

In the this article, we present summaries of the soapboxes of the following three unanimous candidates: Saketh Shiva, Poojan Patel and Animesh Bagora contesting for the posts of AAS, IAR Secretary and CoCAS respectively. Probably because these post were being contested unanimously, the turnout was quite low. The soapboxes for unanimous candidates seemed dull in comparison with the those for the contested posts.

Women in Science – Interview with Prof. Neelima Gupte

Prof. Neelima M. Gupte has been a member of the faculty of the Department of Physics at IIT Madras for over two decades. Her research interests include non-linear dynamics, chaos and the study of networks. Prof. Gupte has been involved with the Women’s Forum at IIT-M for over ten years, has worked with the IUPAP working group for Women in Physics, and has often collaborated with the Women in Science initiative of the Indian Academy of Sciences, to organise events and activities. Readers may be familiar with her contribution to the book Lilavati’s Daughters published by the Indian Academy of Sciences.

Election Matters : Cul Sec (Literary) Soapbox

The debate between Shreyas Harish and Mehul Chaudhary, complete with the presence of a highly vocal and questioning crowd, showed the amount of competition this year for the post of Cultural Affairs Secretary (Literary). The first round of the debate was started off by Mehul, who presented his manifesto in brief, and answered questions that were raised through the online survey, followed by Shreyas in the same pattern.