Let’s play GEOTAGG

The probability of one’s bicycle remaining in an operable condition decreases sharply as the semesters proceed. Add to that the cases of a few unfortunate thefts, and you have a fair share of the hostel zone relying on the campus bus services. It is, after all, the fastest permissible way of travel in the campus. A strict professor at 8 in the morning, getting back to the room when there are two free slots, going outside the institute, etc. are multiple scenarios in our campus lives where we need the bus. But here’s the rub. How do we get to know where the bus is? Do we wait for it or walk? None of us is keen on wasting additional time for that bus which might or might not come . These were the questions which the GEOTAGG team asked themselves as they set out to devise a bus tracking application for campus buses.