Internship Stories: An Ode to the Land of Maple Trees

“There is something oddly satisfying about sipping a Tim Hortons’ French Vanilla coffee while reading literature for your project on the grassy lawns of the university, skirting green pellets of goose poop and feeling that the Canadian student experience has been nailed to perfection.”- Pranathi Diwakar, final-year M.A. student, writes about her Mitacs Globalink scholarship-funded internship at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

A New Colour

‘“Look, guys. Yes, I like Shelley. I play AoE. I go trekking with you guys. I watch terrible commercial movies with you in theatres. And I also am gay, yes, a homosexual. This is what I am. It doesn’t matter how you take it. I will continue with my own life”. In the end, friends are friends after all, and you continue putting PJs with them.’
A research scholar talks about the experience of coming out. Also, read about the campus LGBTQ support group, Vannam.

Internship Stories: Samsung Research India

‘Summer of 2014. Ten of the most precious and enjoyable weeks of my life. A summer spent as much in learning as it was spent in having fun, spent as much in making new bonds as renewing existing ones. A summer almost wholly spent interning at Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore.’ In our latest Internship Story, Ganesh Kumar details his internship experience with Samsung, Bangalore.

Internship Stories: A Paris-Perfect Experience

“It was a journey that started last year in September, when I began to look in earnest for internships abroad. Although from an Electrical Engineering background, my interests tended strongly towards neuroscience and I was looking out for universities that offered a holistic exposure to Computational Neuroscience. After a few heartbreaks that seem trivial in retrospect, I landed an internship in Paris at École Normale Supérieure (ENS), via the Charpak Scholarship. Cue ten unforgettable weeks of my life.” Pragathi Praveena, fourth year B. Tech student, tells us about her summer.