Institute Swimming Pool Reopens

On Sunday, 26th January, the institute swimming pool was thrown open after extensive renovations that lasted over two and a half years. The swimming facility, with its impressive set of diving boards and beginners’ pool that adjoins the larger pool, has always been among IITM’s finest sports facilities, and the renovated pool boasts of a new addition – a ramp leading into the beginners’ pool, designed to make the swimming pool accessible to differently abled people.

Exercise that Franchise!

Every student enrolled in a program outside his/her native city, who has been residing in a hostel for more than 6 months, is eligible to vote from the constituency that their hostel falls under. This is something applicable to almost all students of the Institute. Nikhil Nainani guides us on the forms to be filled and procedures to be followed to make sure you don’t let your right to vote go to waste.

Immerse: IITM Research Magazine 2013-14

The Fifth Estate and Shaastra 2014 are proud to present the second edition of IITM’s research magazine. Christened Immerse, which stands for IIT Madras Magazine on Research in Science and Engineering, the magazine features a collection of stories on some of the research accomplishments of IITM’s students, research scholars and professors across diverse disciplines. Immerse was released on January 3rd, 2014 by Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director of IITM. It is available for download on T5E.