Cultural Clubs 2013-2014

These clubs are the heart of the cultural scene at the Institute. Throughout the year, they conduct many inter-hostel Literary and Social events (together known as LitSoc, which sees hostels vying for the overall trophy) and organise meetings and activities for their members. Most clubs also conduct (or plan to conduct, for the first time this year) their own flagship events, which seek to draw the best talent from IITM and outside. This article is an introduction to the various clubs on campus.

Chennai Weather: Its Malignance and Magnificence

I got out of the car, putting one foot firmly on the ground, and then another. I waited for a sign. For a moment, nothing happened. The heavens and earth stayed just where they were, and a leaf twirled its way to the ground from a tree above.

And then a Malignance struck me, full in the face, throwing me completely off guard. This Malignance had been absent in all of my fanciful imaginings about college life, and as if to chastise me for forgetting to factor it in, it was relentless in its attack. There was no thwarting this determined Malignance. More charitable people than me have called this Malignance ‘the Chennai weather’.

Insti Wildlife for Dummies

Isha Bhallamudi writes about her experiences with the wild side of campus.

Wildlife in insti. How do I begin? Well, I’m certainly not going to yammer about the wonderful biodiversity we have with all those hundreds of species, like the palm civets (which kept mysteriously popping up, dead, outside the Elec department), golden jackals (I don’t think anybody in insti has seen them yet), gerbils, chitals and Indian Star tortoises, not to mention the insects and reptiles and birds. There have been enough lectures and books and signboards already.

Sowing the Seeds Elsewhere: The Room Allotment Controversy

The month of July is usually an exciting time for students at IIT Madras – freshers eagerly await the dawn of their college lives, and senior students look forward to welcoming in a new set of thoughts, ideas and perspectives. Over the last few days, however, the social media has been abuzz with indignation at the administration’s decision to house undergraduate freshers and undergraduate seniors in different hostels this year.