Bridging the Gap: An Interview With Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula

“I have a feeling that if we figured out a way to hold a yearlong Shaastra, both our students and outside students could benefit in the longer run. It’ll be like four days of sampling a set of activities, versus being part of a set of activities, even if it is a smaller set, for a longer duration of time. I think we need to figure out a balance between these two.”

Dr Mahesh Panchagnula gives us his views on the current state of co-curricular affairs in the institute, and on the impact of student activities.

FIRA 2013 – Bend it like a Robot

For all those who have long fancied a world run completely by computers somewhere in the near future, FIRA might be the closest you get to such a display of humanoid brilliance. In 2012, a group composed of many ex-Robocon members brought together their expertise to open IIT Madras’ FIRA chapter for the first time, taking part in the competition in the United Kingdom that year. Team Sahas, as they call themselves, raised the bar in 2013.