Through the Goggles of A Graduate: Vidya Muthukumar

“I’ve gained much from insti, on the academic, cultural and social front; but I believe what I really, and truly, have gained the most is a sense of perspective. I have gained perspective on what it really means to be passionate about something, work towards it on my own, and either succeed and bask in its glory, or fail and pick the pieces up. I have gained perspective on the essentiality of certain life skills I had tried to avoid in school, but have learned to embrace now. And I have gained perspective on whose opinions are important to me and whose are not.”

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Krishna Rao (Stroke)

“I looked up to the amazingly talented seniors who had the urge to do something good for the community, the drive to excel in whatever they chose to pursue, and yet had the time and patience to address the doubts and concerns of juniors. With that admiration and the constant company of an extremely supportive peer group, different layers of life at insti unfolded.”

Bridging the Gap: An Interview With Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula

“I have a feeling that if we figured out a way to hold a yearlong Shaastra, both our students and outside students could benefit in the longer run. It’ll be like four days of sampling a set of activities, versus being part of a set of activities, even if it is a smaller set, for a longer duration of time. I think we need to figure out a balance between these two.”

Dr Mahesh Panchagnula gives us his views on the current state of co-curricular affairs in the institute, and on the impact of student activities.