Dissent and Derecognition – The APSC issue

The Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC) issue that brought IITM into the spotlight recently and became a trending topic on online media, has brought a great many debates to the forefront — from freedom of speech on campus, caste discrimination in IITM and the classic ‘Right versus Left’ debate, with national media trying to sensationalize the issue through distorted facts and statements. In what follows, T5E has tried to represent the facts and opinions on the events that have transpired from the derecognition of the APSC by speaking to various stakeholders.

Made in Insti: Ather

“Sometimes your solution to a problem will seem very obvious. Never think about why someone else hasn’t thought about it. You will be surprised by what is not obvious for many people and how much inertia people have in implementing something new.” Finally, he says, “Most importantly, think big and never be intimidated by the problem or the difficulty in thinking big. The bigger you think, the tougher it is for your competition to beat you.”