Who Moved My Elections?

As of today, Hostel Elections for the academic year 2018-19 have not been notified by the Student Election Commission (the organization charged by the Students’ Constitution to conduct elections) and it seems likely that hostel elections shall be conducted only in mid-August 2018. The potential ramifications of this move are numerous, and the manner in which the decision to postpone the elections was taken raises many important questions. Varun Sridhar, Venkataraman Ganesh, and Kaushik Viswanath report.

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“Sometimes your solution to a problem will seem very obvious. Never think about why someone else hasn’t thought about it. You will be surprised by what is not obvious for many people and how much inertia people have in implementing something new.” Finally, he says, “Most importantly, think big and never be intimidated by the problem or the difficulty in thinking big. The bigger you think, the tougher it is for your competition to beat you.”