Through the Goggles of A Graduate: Kavya Srinivasan

“It’s very easy to believe in Insti that it is a reflection of the world outside, and to get entirely and wholly wrapped up in Insti activities. I have shed several tears over coordships and coreships, and paper proposals rejected, and WM tryouts I didn’t make, and plot twist: I’m okay.” Kavya Srinivasan writes about her five years at IITM and what it’s taught her.

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Arjun Shajan

In the fourth piece of our Graduate series, Arjun Shajan writes about his time in insti. “Most of us were trying to distinguish ourselves by taking part in different non-academic activities. As a senior told me in my first year – “You have made it to IIT Madras. You are the cream of the cream. Now, what else can you do other than mug?” This turned out really useful as in this rush to prove ourselves cool, we got to try our hands at a variety of things.”

Through the Goggles of a Graduate: Akshay Krishna

“… if there’s one lesson that I’ve learnt from my time here, it’s this: there are always so many exciting things to get involved in, so much more left to learn, and so many interesting people to get to know, that it’s okay to be a little uncertain sometimes.” Akshay Krishna writes about his time in the institute, in the second article of our Graduate series.