Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Dheeresh Chandra, Students’ General Secretary

“Dheeresh’s tenure as the Students’ General Secretary saw some significant changes and the implementation of many new undertakings. The students’ facility centre near Sharavati hostel, an all inclusive student app for updates were some noteworthy achievements. However, a few of the promising points like the official transport partner of IIT-M and the Wi-Fi installation near Gurunath could not be completed owing to various reasons. Dheeresh managed an overall success ratio of 35.48% with respect to the points on his manifesto, while an additional 16.13% points have been set in motion. Six of the manifesto points could not be placed in the rightful section due to varied reasons pertaining to the facilities and authorities involved.”

Graduation Survey: Confessions of an Instiholic

“From getting lost in the institute to stealing refrigerators and mistaking drunk drivers for kidnappers, our graduating junta have done it all. But as a final word of wisdom to the juniors, our graduating seniors agreed that insti life should not be a rat race to attain the highest CGPA, get all the major PoRs or climb the insti ladder to be a ‘stud’. Even though there are no disadvantages in having a decent CGPA, several felt that it should not be the only driving force behind your existence in insti and it is those memories you make on the way with your peers that stay with you longer than your CGPA.”

The Last Bencher

‘The Last Bencher’ was a venture to collect the best stories and writings from the batch of 2011 and bring it out in the consolidated format of a book. A wide range of people from all parts of the country, of different viewpoints and of different habits had contributed to this book, making it a truly pan-Insti publication. Opinions, articles about events and happenings inside IIT Madras, eye-ball grabbing anecdotes, all found their place in this book.

Tolerating Comedy

“While it remains to be resolved whether or not the dialogue on intolerance in the broad sphere of things can indeed be resolved, it is worth remembering at this point the one outlet we as a society have that yet remains as a tool to pick apart issues by their seams- comedy and freedom of speech. In light of this, a panel discussion was held here in insti, with some of the most well known comedians in the stand up scene joining us to talk about tolerance in comedy.”