Graduation Survey: Confessions of an Instiholic

“From getting lost in the institute to stealing refrigerators and mistaking drunk drivers for kidnappers, our graduating junta have done it all. But as a final word of wisdom to the juniors, our graduating seniors agreed that insti life should not be a rat race to attain the highest CGPA, get all the major PoRs or climb the insti ladder to be a ‘stud’. Even though there are no disadvantages in having a decent CGPA, several felt that it should not be the only driving force behind your existence in insti and it is those memories you make on the way with your peers that stay with you longer than your CGPA.”

Election Matters : Cul Sec (Literary) Soapbox

The debate between Shreyas Harish and Mehul Chaudhary, complete with the presence of a highly vocal and questioning crowd, showed the amount of competition this year for the post of Cultural Affairs Secretary (Literary). The first round of the debate was started off by Mehul, who presented his manifesto in brief, and answered questions that were raised through the online survey, followed by Shreyas in the same pattern.