Living through the cyclone

The cyclone Vardah had struck and it had certainly made its presence felt in the institute. With several of the beloved trees uprooted and things in general shaken pretty badly , it was a reportedly harrowing experience. On the brighter side, electricity is restored and normalcy is getting restored too. In this article, Paravthi puts together a lighter take on things. Which much seems to be the need of the hour.

Secretary Review: Research Affairs Secretary – Mashetti Ravibabu

“The overall picture we get is one of complete non-cooperation that has led to utter chaos in many schemes related to research scholars…an unprecedented 100% of his manifesto points have not been executed, with many of them either being issues that are not under his purview or completely impractical schemes.” Read to learn about the RAS’s disastrous tenure.

From Maidans to Media: Rajdeep Sardesai on the 2014 Elections

‘Has the 2014 Election Really Changed India?’ was the topic of the Extra Mural Lecture by media doyen Rajdeep Sardesai. Parvathi Madhu brings you the highlights of Sardesai’s witty, brilliant commentary on an election with a man who was ‘a combination of Sri Sri Ravishanker and Arnold Schwarzenegger’ on one side and a young leader who ‘never lost an opportunity to lose an opportunity’ on the other.