Kalaikoodam: Insti Adds Art to its Palette

The weekend of 26th and 27th October saw a brand new entry to the wide-ranging list of events to which IITM plays host: an art festival-of-sorts. Kalaikoodam, a Fine Arts Club initiative, is probably the first of its kind to be held in the Institute. Events comprised an interactive graffiti project by visual artist and photographer Vimal Chandran, a junk-art workshop by artist and sculptor Jacob Jebaraj, and a lecture on ‘Everything could be art, everyone could be an artist’ by artist Bose Krishnamachari. An exhibition displaying the works of artists in IITM was also conducted on both days.

Not Just Another Social Venture: IIT For Society

‘For people who’re touted as future nationbuilders, we are surprisingly insulated from the social issues in our milieu – IIT For Society is an effort to bridge the gap between IIT and the world outside,’ says Bethanavel Ashwanth, final-year dual degree student, co-founder and head of IIT For Society. An initiative that kicked off in September with a panel discussion on manual scavenging, it has a slew of social-awareness activities lined up for the year.