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Drop in at 08:30 AM on a weekend morning, and you will find the serene campus of IIT-M at ease, dozing to the lullaby of the ever chirping wildlife. On this seemingly lazy morning, a hundred students would have found their way across campus to the Department of Management Studies (DoMS) building for their Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) classes.

You might be wondering; what is EMBA? Well, we’re here to address your query. This is the same question that greets most EMBA students when they try to talk to other students or participate in student activities. EMBA is practically non-existential in most college conversations, something we hope to change with this article. Simply put, EMBA is where ‘Work meets Life,’ for all of us. It is a two year degree programme offered by DoMS with classes on alternative weekends aimed at providing mid-career working professionals with functional and integrative perspective to imbibe contemporary management knowledge to lead a modern business organization.

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Well, now that we have gotten the perfunctory formalities out of the way, we can delve into the innovative aspects of this program. First, let’s redefine the concept of ‘student’ with the below EMBA-specific attributes.

  • We work full-time, 5 days a week, and attend classes 2 days a week. So, say goodbye to your weekends for 2 years with the never-ending classwork, assignments, presentations, projects, readings, guest lectures, and exams. The ‘mostly’ alternative weekends are in truth, just ‘sometimes.’
  • Every class is unique in its own way, with the work experience of participants varying from 3-36 years. It consists of entrepreneurs, technical experts, government employees, managers, consultants, proprietors, doctors, and so on. Prepare to shred your preconceptions every session with a reality check as well as rigorous debates on every topic conceivable.
  • We have students working full-time all over the country and even from other countries.
  • We do not have placements or experience the hostel life at IIT-M, apart from some students staying at the “Taramani Guest House” who participate in a slice of daily campus life. So, help us find the third elephant and aerowell! 
  • Another aspect is the global immersion program: IESEG Lille Campus – 2023, which gives an insight into management practices globally. 
  • We have a never-say-die attitude.

EMBA 2021-2023

EMBA 2022-2024

Glimpse of Industrial Visits made by EMBA students to Premier, Carborundum India, ID & More. 

EMBA 2021-23 – Cultural Intelligence for Global Business

Embark 2022: Business Fest

Embrace 2022: Cultural Fest – All EMBA students (and their families), faculty and staff

Some unique personas from our classes

A fascinating individual with a whopping 36 years of experience in Marketing has an unmatched thirst for knowledge and self-improvement and is never satisfied with anything less than the best. He questions students and faculty alike with his matter-of-fact contributions to in-class arguments. He joined the EMBA program to inform himself of the latest advancements and is now enrolled to do a Ph.D.

A risk-taking entrepreneur quit his safe, high-profile job at a leading company to try his hand at starting his own business. Applying learnings from classes in his day-to-day life, he has redefined how EMBA can be used to shape your life. And success was achieved! He started his company with a clear vision and its first product. One year into the EMBA program, he bagged his first “customer.”

A technical expert seeking to climb the corporate ladder sought the EMBA program to bring his dreams to fruition. Using his two years of the EMBA program with its unique mix of in-class discussions/presentations, 3 research/industry-oriented capstone projects, and business-cultural fests (Embark and Embrace), he secured a management role within his company.

Another technical expert wanted to try out her luck in product management. Her approach to doing things innovatively and creatively made her stand apart in everyday conversations. By carefully choosing her electives according to her choice of career, she successfully moved into product management at another company.

A banker sought rapid advancement in her career. She fine-tuned her financial skills with our expert faculty’s aid, whose prior government and industry experience gave them the perfect tools to help the banker achieve her goals.

A sales executive wanted to learn the art of sales and marketing: the two sides of the same coin. By exploring case studies of new-age companies with the aid of the EMBA program, she was provided with vast insights into how to win at this game.

Why EMBA and Why at IIT-M?

All of you might now be puzzled by the concept of this program, especially if you consider other programs at management institutes. However, EMBA adds to the educational sphere of IIT-M by intertwining technology and management in a truly enriching manner, surpassing the bounds of both in a way unlike any other.

The uniqueness of this program, as well as its direct utility in the working lives of business professionals caught in stagnation and looking for a change makes it a truly beneficial concept for a multitude of people out there. 

Are you interested in joining the EMBA program? Here’s how you can contact us! We are always open to collaborating on research and providing your ticket to the industry. We hope this article provided you with a new perspective on EMBA, and us, as we will always be a part of the vibrant student community and its activities.

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