Placement Survey 2022-23: Career and Opinion

T5E’s Placement survey 2022-23 was conducted during February 2023 to study the statistics of the Placement season of 2022-23. The survey witnessed a total of 256 responses across the entire graduating class (UG+PG). The respondents spanned across various degrees (albeit disproportional) and departments who appeared for the placement season. Close to 75% of the respondents were UG’s (B.Tech + DD), and the rest were PG’s (MSc+M.Tech+MBA+PhD+MS)

Note: The correlations found in these articles are from the inputs of the sample size of the number of respondents, although it may or may not reflect the entire placement statistics.

The survey focused on several aspects, such as Preparation, Opinion, Academics, and Career, relevant to the placement statistics of respondents.

In this article, we explore the personal opinion of the insti graduands about placement season.

Satisfaction with the Offer

Over 60 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the offer they received. Around 20 percent showed dissatisfaction and the rest were not quite sure at the moment.

Do you think people should start preparing for non-core companies alongside core companies (to secure a good job offer)?

More than half of the respondents replied, “Yes, non-core companies provide a better package,” and also nodded their heads because “opportunities from core companies have gradually reduced.”

Placement Team’s performance and the effectiveness of PoC’s

Based on the responses received, the placement team’s performance is rated as average (3/5) by the majority of the respondents. However, some respondents (27) rated it as poor (1/5), indicating that there is room for improvement.

The PoCs were rated as helpful (4/5) by the majority of the respondents.

Preparations and Hassles

Around 40 percent (collectively) felt instability in internet connection while giving online tests or interviews. A majority of the respondents (109) did not use the preparatory material given by teams during the placement season. Among those who used the material, the majority of the respondents (78) found it sufficient. This indicates the improvement in the preparatory material given by the teams to meet the needs of the students better.

CGPA, Peer Learning and it’s impact

The importance of CGPA may vary depending on the presence of other factors. A significant number of respondents (130) believe that having a decent CGPA with sufficient PoRs/Internships is enough.

A majority of the respondents (96) believe that CGPA matters a lot in the placement process. Around 60 percent of the respondents felt that peer learning helped them a lot during the preparations.

Overall Placement Experience

The average was over 3 out of 5 (3.46), indicating the overall placement experience of the students is rated as above average.

Do you feel that CTC and actual pay go hand-in-hand?

Based on the responses received, a majority of the respondents (134) do not feel that CTC and actual pay go hand-in-hand. However, a significant number of respondents (55) are unsure, indicating that there may be some confusion or lack of clarity regarding the relationship between CTC and actual pay. A minority of the respondents (49) believe that CTC and actual pay are directly related. This suggests that there may be a need for more transparency and clarity in the compensation structure to help students better understand the relationship between CTC and actual pay.

What advice would you like to give to pre-final folks who will be sitting for placement season next year? 

“Have a backup Target profile for worse situations. Have CTC criteria for yourself and apply only for the companies for which you can actually accept the offers, don’t randomly fill out everything just based on CTC.”

  1. First of all, Be thorough with your resume for your interview. 

2. Just put 2-3 bullet points describing each project. Include what impact (small or big) it created in the company with numbers. 

3. Have mock interviews with your friends. Maintain a good CGPA. CG matters a lot, especially if you are trying for core companies. 

4. If it is an online interview, prepare a slide set with each slide describing the relevant projects. It helps you explain things impactfully.

  5. Finally, there are a lot of factors at play during placements. Don’t worry if you get placed for less package than you aimed for. This is just the start of your career. 

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