Meow-seum of Modern Art

This collection invites you to get on a whimsical trip through the parallel universe of our furry friends, the campus cats. With every purrfectly candid photograph, the cats provide a purrvasive glimpse into the everyday life of students, paralleling our academic and emotional rollercoasters. Our feline friends aren’t just casual observers; they’re the true mirror of the insti experience, wrapped in fur, and cuteness!

Catatonic (2022)

Post-Quizweek serenity: Pictured here are felines lounging on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Procatstrination Jenga (2020)

This cat seems to have made a weighted blanket out of the rising pile of assignments and impending deadlines. Her napping pose? A masterclass in relaxation. The takeaway being that catnaps are essential for peak productivity – “purr-ductivity,” as she’d say.

Catapulted (2022)

In this uproarious capture, our kitten seems to be forcefully summoned from the depths of slumber, under a rather harsh interruption by an annoyed professor.

Furrtive (2023)

These kittens seem to have found a way to sneak into mess unregistered, the ultimate purr-terlopers!

Club Catsploration (2018)

This freshie kitten seems to be on an expedition into the unchartered territories of insti clubs and teams.

Smitten (2021)

These kittens were found catoodling at Bon Avenue.

Feline-y (2023)

These kittens seem to be in a purr-ilous situation, attempting a rooftop escape from the watchful eyes of the stern security guard.

Introspawction (2019)

After a wild Friday night, this cat seems to have unlocked the purr-suit of happiness.

Aditi Rathore
Priyamvada M

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