Tan90 Thermal Solutions – The Journey from an Idea to a Start-Up

The story behind how Tan90 started is also an interesting one. “We had many ideas. At one point, we were a book sharing rental platform, were making dehumidifiers and were also working on cold storages. Being immature, we thought we would be able to do all of this.” On how the name Tan90 evolved, Saumalya says “As we all know, tan(90o) is infinity.  There are infinite problems and each problem has infinite solutions. You can achieve whatever you dream and dreams are limitless. This is what Tan90 stands for.”

How Things Work: Booking a room at Taramani Guest House

All too often, we find ourselves gritting our teeth over (seemingly) indecipherable bureaucratic procedures for simple things, like booking rooms at Taramani Guest House or adding extra courses. T5E brings you a new series, How Things Work, to make your insti life easier. This article provides a step by step guide to booking a room at Taramani Guest House.