Freshie’s Guide to Campus Resources

Moving out of your home to a new environment is a difficult task. Especially if your new ‘home’ is over 600 acres. In such a situation, your wisest option would be to explore and get to know the resources that you have. IITM offers its students almost every essential campus resource that they would need. The challenge is to be aware of them and utilise them. Hopefully, this article helps make the task a little less daunting. 

Academic Facilities

Map to Central Library, IIT Madras

  • The Central Library: The institute library is the easiest to spot once you have reached the heart of the campus, Gajendra Circle. Spacious, air-conditioned and well equipped with drinking water and charging points, the library is always buzzing with students for studies, meetings or gaming. Your institute ID card is required to enter the library. 

Map to Sudha and Shankar Innovation Hub

  • The Sudha and Shankar Innovation Hub: Situated near the Institute Hospital, this elegant and modern building houses the vision of the Centre for Innovation. It offers a wonderful workspace, and guidance from faculty and students for young innovators.

Map to P G Senapathy Computer Center

  • The P G Senapathy Centre: Apart from providing “computational environment for the academic and research community of the institute”, the Centre offers training and software development, as well as cater to various projects from government organisations.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 044 2257 4975

Map to DoST Office

  • Dean of Students Office: Situated behind the administrative office, the DoST office is responsible for hostel administration, students’ extracurricular activities and student publications.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone:  044 2257 8050,  044 2257 8260 (Security), 044 22578051 (For animals), 044 2257555 (Counselling)

  • Departmental Computing Facility (DCF): Every department is equipped with digital laboratories with high quality computers to be accessed by students of the respective department, for the purpose of study and research.

Health, Safety and Recreation

Map to IITM Institute Hospital

  • Institute Hospital: The institute hospital located opposite the Sudha and Shanker Innovation Hub,is well equipped with proficient staff and medical facilities. The hospital pharmacy opens at 8am. Ambulance facility is also available. All students are covered under medical insurance by paying the medical fee every semester.

Hospital: 044 2257 8331

Ambulance: 044 2257 8333, 044 2257 8888

  • Security Office: The campus has an efficient security system that has laid down rules and regulations that apply to residents and visitors alike, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all. It is headed by the Chief Security Officer and has a Control Room that operates nonstop to prevent any breach of security. 

Phone: 044 2257 9999

  • Wellness Community Center: IIT Madras’ Wellness Community Centre values the holistic well-being of its student community by offering career guidance and professional support in various ways.
    • Wellness Center: This is the body of licensed mental health professionals, with whom students are encouraged to discuss their concerns.

Phone:044 2257 8521 (9-5pm)

  • MITR: MITR is the body of faculties and student MITRs. They offer peer counselling to students who need it. 

Email: [email protected]

  • SAATHI: The SAATHI team concentrates on proactive methods that increase campus awareness of many pressing topics and plans a number of casual get-togethers, lectures, and sessions that are available to everyone

Email: [email protected]

for more information regading mental health and support refer to : Guide to mental Well-being.

  • Sports Facilities: The institute has a Swimming pool of Olympic standards, near SAC, which students are permitted to use after registration. The Institute Gymkhana also has a well-equipped gymnasium with professional instructors, also to be used after registration. Other facilities include the IIT-Chemplast cricket ground, tennis courts, hockey and football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, a table tennis facility, a weightlifting arena and a skating rink around Sangam ground. The Manohar C Watsa stadium, situated in Delhi Avenue, is also a suitable place for an evening walk.

Map to OAT, IIT Madras

  • Open Air Theatre (OAT): A huge, open theatre with an amazing sound system, where movies are streamed on weekends; occasionally live sports streaming too. This is also one of the main venues for Saarang and Shaastra.

Map to Student Activity Centre

  • The Student Activity Center (SAC): A hi-tech, wood-floored, multipurpose indoor stadium where lectures, convocations and cultural events are held. It also has a music room that can be booked by students.

For music room booking:


  • Campus Bus Service: The institute provides bus transport facilities within the campus between the IN-Gate and Gajendra Circle, Hostel Zone and Department Zone. These buses follow a schedule of 20-30 minute trips starting from 7am to 10 pm.

Phone: 044 2257 5971

  • Cycle Registration: One of the first things you must do after you get your cycle is to register it. Make sure you carry your cycle purchase receipt while applying. Registration is done at the security section located on the 1st floor of DoST office.
  • Cycle Repair Shops: There are three cycle repair shops inside the Hostel Zone, one opposite Sharavathi Hostel, another adjacent to Tapti Hostel, and the third near Sangam ground.

Student Life

Map to Prime Mart

  • Prime Mart: Located near Pampa Hostel, this is the students’ go-to for purchasing hostel essentials. 
  • Student Facility Centers
    • Narmada Hostel Complex: Contains GBS electronics (also does laptop services), 7 Star Saloon (unisex) and Srivari Xerox Shop. 
    • Students Facility Center (opposite to Sharavathi Hostel): Contains a convenience store, Usha Cafe, CoolBiz and an ironing shop.

Map to IITM Shopping Complex

  • Shopping Center: Situated outside the Hostel Zone, the shopping centre has stores for groceries, clothes and accessories. It also has a Xerox shop and a tea shop in its vicinity.
  • Eateries
    • Cafe Coffee Day: Behind the Central Library, popular among students despite the exorbitant menu, mainly for the vibes; the last place you should hold a fundae.
    • Zaitoon : Restaurant & Grill, near Sangam grounds
    • Himalaya Food Court: The ground floor is run by Isthara Coliving. It has a variety of food choices.

  • Banks and ATMs: The institute has two banks situated inside campus. The State Bank of India IITM branch is situated in Bonn Avenue, and the Canara Bank branch is situated in Delhi Avenue near the Shopping Complex. Both these banks have their respective ATMs in their premises.
  • Religious centres
    • Temples: There are three temples within campus- Sri Jalakanteshwara temple on Delhi Avenue, Sri Peeli Amman Temple in Delhi Avenue near Watsa Stadium, and Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple behind Taramani guest house.
    • Muslim Prayer Hall: A prayer hall operates behind the Institute Sports Complex, frequented by Islamic students for prayers and classes. 
    • Genesis Chapel: Daily masses in Latin rite and intercession prayers are conducted in the Genesis chapel situated behind the Department of Biotechnology.

Attaching the link to IIT Madras Telephone Directory for more information. 

The map of IIT Madras has changed considerably over the last decade. To know more about the insti eateries scene pre-pandemic, read this.

Edited by Meenakshi Anoop

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