Prem Ranjan Memorial Trophy


A report on Friday’s cricket tournament at Sangam by Poorna Kumar


The first Prem Ranjan Memorial Trophy Cricket Tournament was organised by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sangam Grounds on Friday, 2nd September 2011. Matches took place from 4 p.m. onwards. The tournament was in honour of the memory of Prem Ranjan, who was a fourth year student in the MA Programme of the department. He passed away in April this year.

Prem Ranjan had a great passion for cricket, and was the cricket captain of Tamraparani hostel in his time. The idea for this tournament was first conceived by his batch-mates, currently in their fifth year, who approached the HS department for support. This years’ tournament saw enthusiastic participation from students of all years in the department. Inter-year matches were organised, and there was a faculty team taking part as well.  At the end of the tournament, the fifth year team emerged victorious. It has been planned to make the Trophy an annual event of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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