Secretaries’ Wishlist


Ahead of the manifesto deadline for the student elections, T5E brings you a wishlist from the current institute secretaries about the initiatives that they’d like to see from their successors.

Students General Secretary and Hostel Affairs Secretary – Dheeresh Chandra and Anand Babu

  • Set up WiFi in hostel zone and eateries.
  • Start more night canteens in hostels in insti to cater to students through the night.
  • Increase institute bus frequency between 7.45 A.M and 8.05 A.M to ply students for 8 AM classes. Feasibility of extending bus timings in the night could also be checked.
  • Institute a non-vegetarian mess, after checking feasibility.

Academic Affairs Secretary  – Sashank Sudhakar Vandrangi

  • Leverage the CR framework extensively across departments to identify problems and improve student participation in identifying and solving academic issues.
  • Centralize Teacher and Course Feedback so that students are better informed while choosing electives. This would be immensely helpful for the incoming batches, since they have a wider variety of electives to choose from.
  • Structure and scale up industrial engagement programs where companies can engage with students on campus. A separate team could be formed to focus on these programs.

Co-curricular Affair Secretary  – Shivaprasad Ramesh

  • Make Shaastra a year long activity by having lectures and workshops throughout the year. Also, increase international participation for events and exhibitions in the fest.
  • Plan for a possible pan-IIT tech collaboration and host Inter-IIT Tech Meet at IIT Madras
  • Bring in more alumni and industries on-board for interaction with students and collaboration on projects at CFI.
  • Work on a structure for student entrepreneurship to make insti the best place for student entrepreneurship.

Cultural Affairs Secretary (Literary) – P. Bala Rama Krishna Koushik

  • Maintain, and expand, workspace for the cultural clubs in places like Quark and Students Activity Centre.
  • Organise events in open spaces to bring LitSoc and other cultural events closer to the student community.
  • Modify points system in such a way as to ensure more participation from the hostels
  • Saarang should be made more like a festival consisting of diverse acts, and increased non-competitive and interactive events.
  • Sukriti, the social wing of Saarang, should have more events and involve more students to increase social awareness in the institute.

Cultural Affairs Secretary (Arts) – Aditya U

  • Increase the availability of work space for the Cultural Clubs
  • Device a new method to improvise, and increase fresher hostels’ participation and coordination in cultural events
  • Creation of Club Support Team which to handle the logistics for club events
  • Increase publicity efforts for Saarang in Chennai
  • Maintain the growth of Professional Shows at a steady state in terms of artiste stature, branding etc.

International and Alumni Relations Secretary  – Abhishek Sharma

  • Focus on brand development of IIT and improved outreach of I&AR cell to the institute students and alumni.
  • Leverage the alumni community for the internships and placements by creating a portal to facilitate alumni to post offers.
  • Increase hostel-wise engagement of the alumni by having more hostel meetups. It will benefit the hostels by initiating dialogue between current residents and the alumni.

Research Affairs Secretary – Anand Krishnan O.K.

  • Separate PhD councillors for Humanites and for Management studies should be constituted to reduce the workload.
  • Participation of research scholars in Saarang and Shaastra is very poor –  their role in organization and participation should be increased.
  • Placements is another focus area. Placement statistics in departments with low records, and core placements overall, should be increased.
  • Continue conducting workshop sessions and interactive sessions on use of basic software, soft skill training, career advice and development.
  • Create a portal exclusively for research scholars with an open forum to conduct discussions and interact with each other.

Sports Secretary – Bipin Babu

  • The growth of Women’s Schroeter is one thing to look forward to. Rise in participation and awareness among female students will better our chances at the Inter-IIT General Championship.
  • The Sports Organising Committee (SOC) has to be restructured and made more efficient. It is not as established as other organisations in insti.
  • More sports camps should be conducted. This might lead to new players getting into the institute team and  students picking up new sports.
  • In terms of preparation for Inter-IIT, more focus ought to be given to Athletics and Swimming as they fetch us 20 points in the tally. The newly constructed synthetic track in the stadium should be properly maintained with security to ensure people wear shoes and use it only for Athletics.
  • Sports secretaries of all undergraduate hostels can help their counterparts in tower and postgraduate hostels.

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