LitSoc:Treasure Hunt


The Lit-Soc variety event Treasure Hunt was held on Sunday, the 13th of March at the old gym. The event pits hostels against each other in a bid to crack arcane clues and then go hunting all over the campus for the code to ‘unlock’ the next clue and so on.

This year’s edition had students scrambling at places such as ‘Tech-Kids’ and even the research park, scouring for the well hidden and elusive clues. Even those who didn’t wish to run under the sun were involved this time round with a typing game being one of the tasks that needed to be completed. An example of a typical clue runs thus-

‘The dust has settled, the storm has passed. The time has come for new trees to take root. Whether these trees will stand the test of time, no one knows. For you, my dear peasant, the task is simple. Push aside the weak and un-waveringly enlarge your scary tree‘.

The answer is ‘Your General Secretary’s room number’. The next clue ‘Where a disturbed black man may stay’ led to Ginger hotels, an indirect anagram of a politically incorrect term for the group mentioned. Other clues were discovered at places as disparate as the Centre for Catalytic research, The NSS tank and the bio-gas plant.

As mentioned in the IP sent out, hostel armies did turn up and the contest was keenly fought. The organisation of the event was shoddy at times and the event ended unsatisfactorily. As soon as the winning hostel finished, the event was wrapped up and the subsequent places awarded irrespective of the amount of time penalties incurred(awarded when a hostel wants hints to crack a particular clue). The results are-


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