LitSoc: Potpourri


Potpourri consisted of a prelim round of Dumb Charades and Tinto(yes/no questions asked to guess a personality) from which the best teams were selected for the finals. The finals had a wide array of rounds. The first was a dumb charades round in which Rajni jokes had to be enacted and guessed. The round was on bounce with later teams allowed a shot if the earlier teams failed to crack it. The next round was a standard Dumb Charades round with movies. The third round was titled ‘Triple Tinto’. Every member of the team had a personality’s name post-it-ed on his forehead. There was a scientist, a politician and a sportsperson from the same country. The participants were expected to guess the personality whose name their foreheads now adorn by asking yes or no questions only. Cows and bulls, the classic back-benchers game was the next to be played. A team had to guess the four letter word they were given. The final round was a Pictionary round where lines as arcane as ‘Abdul Razzaq is sent by Dayanand Saraswathi to procure Aluminium from Sirius’ had to be cracked using only the medium of pictures.

The publicity for the event was extremely poor and it reflected in the phenomenally thin attendance. More students outside of Mandakini knew of the talk on ‘Data Sharing and Performance Isolation for Scalable Multi-Core Platforms’ happening in the electrical dept.(and very few knew) than of Potpourri. The event has long been the bastion of Mandakini who, perhaps, take the event a little too seriously with the development of a code of questions to ask in Tinto (‘yes, no, yes, yes, no,…., no, yes. Chacha Choundhry?’) being a familiar example. Not surprisingly, the hostel swept the event with the top four places going to it.

The event standings—

Pranesh S, Chethan B, Harshavardhan R – Mandakini
Parag G, Manohar, Ajay A – Mandakini
Rohit M, Prashant P, Hitesh P – Mandakini
Siddharth, Zeeshan, Ashish G – Mandakini
Reshma, Kanmani C, Adithi – Sharavati

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