Dean’s Trophy: Triathlon


The institute Triathlon event was conducted during March. The first place went to Jamuna’s Abhinav Gopal and second place went to Sahaj Parikh, of the same hostel, contributing to Jamuna’s first position among hostels. Godavari bagged the second position while Tapti and Ganga were placed third and fourth respectively. Detailed results are given below. 

Position Name Chest no.
1st Abhinav Gopal(Jam) 120
2nd Sahaj Parikh(Jam) 101
3rd Rudra Naik(Narmad) 108
4th Yash Vyas(Godav) 61
5th Anand Parikh(Narmad) 121
6th Krishna Rao(Narmad) 149
7th Pranshu Sugara(Mandak) 6
8th A. Rahman(Ganga) 106
9th T. Devanathan(Tapti) 1
10th Naveen Thomas(Godav) 64
11th Ishan Soni(Godav) 96
12th Prabhat Kiran(Tapti) 104
13th Nimit Nigania 128
14th Vaidheeswara Sharma(Tapti) 13
15th Varshith D 12
16th VVK Harish(Tapti) 93
17th Bandaru Nitin(Godav) 8
18th Vikram V(Mandak) 125
19th Sanjay Patel(Godav) 94
20th Rohan Biwalkar(Alak) 99
21st Abishek S 17
22nd Nikhil 59
23rd Siddarth(Ganga) 88
24th Rohit 102
25th 1. C.Roopa & 2. (Sarayu)Niveditha 130
26th Vinay P Subbiah(Godav) 77


(Information Courtesy: Prajwal, Godav)

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