LitSoc: Crossie


The last of the LitSoc word games competitions, ‘Crossie’ was held on Monday, the 14th of March at the PhLt. Teams of two compete in this cryptic crossword competition.

The prelim consisted of a fairly easy 15 by 15. The first eight teams to finish it went on through to the finals. The finals had another 15×15 and two other rounds of standalone clues which were up on bounce or buzzer. Many of the questions were very intelligently clued even though the coordinator insisted that they were set in class that morning. Nearly all the techniques of cryptic clueing figured with anagrams, telescopic clues, charades , double definitions, homonyms and invariably a combination of several the above in profusion. Although not strictly Ximenean and with some being inordinately long, the clues were still fair to the solver and quite enjoyable.

Here is the coordinator’s choice for the clue of the day:

‘Incarcerated supporter may lead to an increase in head weight (5,4)’

Answer — Bra(in, cell)

The results-

Saurabh S and Milind Rao – Ganga
Raghav I and Joseph J- Jamuna
Vishwas K and Rohit R- Mandakini
Alex J and Aditya S- Mandakini
PK Adithya(Naramada) and Barath(Tapti)

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