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Posts published in September 2013

Science Diet: The True Cost of your Smartphone

Science Diet is a weekly selection of five science/technology stories that are timely and relevant, fascinating and inspiring, and certain to stimulate your mind.


बचपन की वह शाम मधुर सपनो में खेला करते थे थी किसे खबर है रात निकट बेखौफ ठिठोला करते थे लेकिन डूबी यह संध्या भी…

FIRA 2013 – Bend it like a Robot

For all those who have long fancied a world run completely by computers somewhere in the near future, FIRA might be the closest you get to such a display of humanoid brilliance. In 2012, a group composed of many ex-Robocon members brought together their expertise to open IIT Madras’ FIRA chapter for the first time, taking part in the competition in the United Kingdom that year. Team Sahas, as they call themselves, raised the bar in 2013.

An Epi(c) New Bakery

The latest addition to the new shopping complex is a cake ‘n’ bake place – Epi Pastries, where the owners assure you that you will taste happiness.

Science Diet: Technology Destroying Jobs?

This is a new column, a weekly round-up of five exciting, captivating, or just plain quirky science/technology stories from around the Web.

The World Is Quantum

The fact that quantum mechanics is everywhere was the theme of the first lecture of the IISc Alumni Association Distinguished Lecture Series held at IITM, given by Prof. Ganapathy Baskaran, Emeritus Professor and Raja Ramanna Fellow at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

The Chakra View

An interview with Prof. V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy, who recently developed the Bharati script.

It’s More Fun In The Philippines

From learning about cultures and countries outside my own, to forging ties with seniors and batchmates whom I would have never met otherwise, this Symposium exceeded all my expectations.

On Mess Food and Services

Prof. LS Ganesh, Dean (Students), writes to the students on mess food and services to answer common questions and provide clarifications.