Media vs. Judiciary: An EML by Vineet Narain

‘Before the age of SMS, mail and mass transmission of information,’ Narain, in 1993 discovered the Hawala operation which involved the illegal transfer of colossal sums of money through different bank accounts. While over a hundred politicians were discovered to have been part of this scandal, the CBI, which was in the know, never shared that knowledge with the public. Thus, Narain’s crusade began.

A Strike Against Hunger

A large number of students (750 by a conservative estimate) assembled at Himalaya lawns over the course of the protest. The organizers had several grievances including the food’s poor quality and lack of nutrition, and bad hygiene in the messes. They also claimed that the quality of the food offered for amount charged for it at IITM was not on par with what is being offered at other IITs.

The Crooks, The Teams, Their Plugin, and Our Server

If you are a regular reader of ours, you might have noticed that our website was down for about a week, and just came back up last night. While the rest of the editorial team debates over whether our server going down or most people not knowing about it is the better of two evils, take a few minutes to listen to the tale of why our server went down. I promise you, it is probably the most interesting thing to come out of Web Operations teams in the institute in a long, long time.