An Epi(c) New Bakery


The latest addition to the new shopping complex (the others being another Andavar fruit shop and our very own Ambika Appalam depot) is a cake ‘n’ bake place – Epi Pastries, where the owners assure you that you will taste happiness. Toward this end, I believe we can allow them some credit (Refer photos).

Epi promises to be a nice, cheery alternative to those heartily sick of CCD and who, for reasons obvious, avoid the cakes at Suprabaa. Epi has cupcakes(!), pastries and cakes. It also has puffs (egg and chicken), veg and channa rolls and beverages. The puffs are priced and sized reasonably – with prices ranging between 20 and 30 rupees each – and the author has it on good authority (because she herself is a vegetarian) that they taste good. The veg roll can be vouched for personally, and the pizza roll is also definitely worth it.

The best part of Epi is, however, the cake section. The cupcakes are especially scrummy. They’re small and topped with light and smooth cream/chocolate sauce. The mousse isn’t their best product- it doesn’t taste much like chocolate. They also have full-sized cakes, for birthdays and other special occasions. This section is more expensive than the others. As for the ambience, the place is well-lit and has a few tables to sit and eat at.

P.S. Suprabaa has taken pity on us and is now serving bhajjis around tea time. They’re served fresh and hot and are absolutely yum.

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