You Review: Lit-Soc Creative Writing 2010


creative_writing1LitSoc Creative Writing was held last week, between October 27th and November 3rd.

The rules :

Each hostel can submit one entry. Your entry must have four A3 sized sides (equivalent to one A2 sized sheet folded in half). All the pieces in it must be based on any one of the following themes.

  • A city of your choice
  • Go Geek
  • Inebriation
  • Mythology- Indian or Greek

Your entry must also have

  • One work of short fiction
  • One work of non-fiction
  • One cartoon
  • One haiku

This year’s Creative Writing, for the first time, had a constraint on the theme. Besides ‘Inebriation’, the themes seemed equally popular among the hostels. Content seemed to focus on humour and satire, and very few hostels attempted a serious piece. It is interesting to note that Rajinikanth and CWG 2010 jokes feature extensively in the entries.

For the benefit of our readers we are posting all the entries online. We will refrain from reviewing the articles and instead, have a poll to find out which hostel’s entry is most popular. We would appreciate truthful voting in the poll.



Title : Manhattan past midnight on the coldest night in November
Theme : A city of choice
Content : Alakananda’s entry is a hardboiled crime fiction story based in Manhattan in the 1920s. It has a main narrative, in the form of journal entries, and a few newspaper clippings.

Read Alakananda’s Creative Writing Entry



Title : No title
Theme : Go Geek
Content : Ganga’s entry has a standard newsletter format, with about ten articles about “Geekiness”. It includes an article about George Jetson and a “Tribute to geekiness”.

Read Ganga’s Creative Writing Entry



Title : The Olympic Shames
Theme : Greek Mythology
Content : Godavari’s entry is about an Olympic Games for the Gods. The entry is a pamphlet released by a citizen, after the Olympics, describing why it should be banned

Read Godav’s Creative Writing Entry



Title : The NewDork Times
Theme : Go Geek
Content : Jamuna’s entry is a newspaper, with articles about ‘Spotting a Geek’ and ‘Geek meets Gal’. Sections include movie reviews, puzzles, ‘Thoughts for the day’ and interviews.

Read Jamuna’s Creative Writing Entry



Title : Figments Of A Divine Memory
Theme : Indian Mythology.
Content : Mandakini’s entry is a set of articles as excerpts from a newspaper. Articles include manifestos for a divine election, an ‘Ask Kamdev’ section and an interview with Brahma. Rajinikanth features prominently in Mandakini’s entry.

Read Mandakini’s Creative Writing Entry


Title : The New Delhi Times
Theme : A city of your choice
Content : The entry is a special newspaper edition about a hypothetical Delhi 2020 Olympics. Articles range from a Wikileaks entry, a description of the New Delhi venues, and multiple references to the Delhi CWG 2010.

Read Narmada’s Creative Writing Entry



Title : Pron Legacy
Theme : Go Geek
Content : The entry is a collection of articles about “Geekhood”, and includes an article about Apple fanboyism, Matrix fan fiction, and a guide to the gaming world.

Read Pampa’s Creative Writing Entry


Title : No title
Theme : A city of choice
Content : Saraswati’s entry revolves around the 1908 London Olympics. It features a collection of newspaper reports, letters, interviews, and a Sherlock Holmes story.

Read Saraswathi’s Creative Writing Entry


Title : Alcoholics Unanimous
Theme : Inebriation
Content : The only hostel to choose ‘Inebration’ as their theme, Sharavati’s entry features a mishmash of articles. Articles include a guest column by a bartender about her experiences, a ‘What Not To Do When Drunk’ guide, and a ‘What Drink Are You’ questionnaire.

Read Sharavati’s Creative Writing Entry



Title : No Title
Theme : Greek Mythology
Content : Tapti’s entry is about a murder in the Heavens (?). Articles include an FIR, an autopsy report, and conversations between Poseidon and Zeus. T5E would like to note that Tapti’s entry, as a pdf, is 10 pages long

Read Tapti’s Creative Writing Entry

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