Energy Audit Training Program


The Sustainability Network of IIT Madras i.e. S-Net organised an Energy Audit training program on 30th October at the Media Resource Centre, Central Library.


As you may already know, S-Net is a student initiative established in June 2009 as an outcome of efforts by two alumni members and a group of self motivated graduate and post graduate students. The training session was conducted as a part of the ongoing Tech-Soc competition “The Sustainability Challenge 2010-11”. The participants were the S-Net Ambassadors of respective hostels of IITM. Mr. Nagesh Kumar, Co-Chairman, Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Director, National Productivity Council, was the lecturer for the event. He began his talk by giving a brief summary of the present scenario of energy sector in India. After that, he compared the energy consumption of various countries around the world with that of India‚Äôs and inferred that the race of rapid development among the developing nations is depleting Earth of its natural resources at an alarming rate.

He also discussed about the environmental impact due to burning of fossil fuels especially coal and the measures to taken to minimise the harmful consequences which includes increasing the efficiencies of various machinery used in daily life. He stressed on the small scale initiatives undertaken at personal and local levels which go a long way in saving energy. Finally, he spoke about the basics of Energy Audit which consisted of details on inventory survey, kind of questions to be asked in a survey etc.

The lecture was followed by an interactive session with the audience.

Covered by Sohini Sarkar, Correspondent

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