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A wise woman once said,

“How about a new tab on T5E dedicated to short, say, 100-word reviews? Of books, movies, music, games, sitcoms and even (yes!) restaurants and places to visit in Chennai, on campus, off city limits anything. Pop culture reviews tend to be highly subjective, so outsourcing this will:

1. Give us more objective reviews
2. Save us work
3. Make T5E more participative
4. Increase our readership
5. Gen enrich and make more timeless the content of the site”

unclesamT5E is proud to present another section – “You Review”. This is where you review books, movies, music, games, sitcoms and even (yes!) restaurants and places to visit in Chennai, on campus, off city limits anything within a 100 words and send it to us at t5e [dot] iitm [at] gmail [dot] com. If the Eds deem it worthy of making it to the blog, well then it does. At the end of the year, the contributor with the most published contributions and comments on his/her post shall win a T-shirt offered to the TFE contributors.

Allow us to give this a start with:

2009 Movies You MUST Watch…

…To be able to support your claims of partaking in civilization.

Yes, yes, we know. As far as movies go, you REALLY wanted to stay in the loop in ‘09 but never got down to it because of Quiz 1 and Schroeter and Quiz 2 and Shaastra and LitSoc…you get the drift. Ergo, a T5E list of the best that the last year of the by-gone decade had to offer. This is admittedly a biased list and has excluded Bollywood and you may not find some of these movies on LAN, so if you feel we’ve left anything out, feel free to add it.

On to the list! (In no particular order) Enjoy.

1. The Hangover
Four friends travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, only to wake up the next morning not remembering a thing and missing the groom. What follows is an R-rated LOL return to soberity.

2. City Island
A less popular but incredibly delightful and darkly funny film about family secrets- the truth will set them free, but it will piss them off first!

3. Bruno
Sacha Baron Cohen plays a gay fashionista. Enuff said. No? Maybe you need to watch Borat (2006) first. We assure you, you shall come away thoroughly offended.

4. The Proposal
Sandra Bullock plays a workaholic boss forced to marry her hen-pecked underling to evade being deported. Predictably, they fall in love.

5. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past
Inspired by Dickens’  A Christmas Carol, this movie is about a player haunted by, well, his exes.

6. The White Ribbon
Time called it “a daunting, enthralling experience” about a “saga of collective brutality and guilt in a northern German village two decades before the Third Reich.”

7. District 9:

A South African mockumentary. Exotic. Action-packed. Watch.

8. Fantastic Mr. Fox
An animated film for adults chockfull of original visuals and brilliantly witty humour!

9. Thirst:
South Korean vampire movie. Kicks Twilight butt. Drink up!

10. A Single Man
Colin Firth depicts plays with believable clarity the poignant tale of a man whose wife has died in a car crash, leaving him broken-hearted.

11. The Hurt Locker
Touted as one of the best war films ever made.

12. Of Time and the City
A commissioned documentary about the city of Liverpool turns out to be a “71-min. stew of history and autobiography” narrated “with a uniquely waspish wit” and “oh-so-scathingly funny.”

13. The Princess and the Frog.
A film that signifies the revival of 2-D animation in the context of the classic Disney formula of equal parts tears and laughter.

14. Up in the Air
George Clooney’s best performance ever, or so we are told.

15. Up
An elderly man uses balloons to fly his house to South America and the obnoxious nine year old Wilderness Explorer who accompanies him on his journey. You will fall in love with the canine, Dug, and be super glad you watched this one!

In terms of Bollywood, our picks include: Delhi 6, Dev D, Love Aaj Kal, Wake Up Sid, Kaminey, Wanted, Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year and 3 Idiots.

Your turn now!

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