Campus Placements 2009-10


Update: The details for Campus Placements 2010-2011 are available in the February 2011 edition of the printed version. The softcopy for which is available here.

IIT Madras Placements which started on Dec 2nd are currently in progress. 484 students were placed, with 1091 students registering till the 29th of December, 2009.

Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, ITC Limited and Tower Research were some of the companies who attended. It is noteworthy that the Placements this year are much better than last year, with most people attributing the latter to the Recession.

TFE has compiled the data to form some very interesting statistics. We shall introduce our conclusions as we go along.

The most important conclusion is that CGPA v/s Pay Packages are directly proportional. Here are some statistics presented.

  1. 32 students with CGPAs in   [10.0, 9.5] were placed with an average salary of 12.42 lakhs.
  2. 51 students with CGPAs in   [ 9.0, 9.5) were placed with an average salary of 9.61 lakhs.
  3. 161 students with CGPAs in [ 8.0, 9.0) were placed with an average salary of 7.73 lakhs.
  4. 123 students with CGPAs in [ 7.0, 8.0) were placed with an average salary of 6.26 lakhs.
  5. 55 students with CGPAs in   [ 6.0, 7.0) were placed with an average salary of 5.31 lakhs.

Working backwards, here is another set of statistics.


TFE would like to note that these statistics must be read with the knowledge that CGPA is just one of the factors that are a part of the placement process. The rather equal distribution of students with 8+ CGPAs over all the salary ranges proves our point. In conclusion, CGPA does matter. It gives you a rough indication of where you might end up. But, after a point, it’s the other factors that count. Interpersonal skills, soft skills, extra curricular activities, co-curricular activities are some of the many factors that potential employers look at.

A statistic for the overly competitive hosteller, we have a Hostel v/s CGPA table. There’s nothing surprising here. Cauvery and Sarayu are the only hostels with 8+ average CGs. The BTech hostels have averages revolving around 7.6. Tapti’s and Saras’s CG led us to an interesting possibility that the average CG is inversely proportional to a hostel’s LitSoc performance.


Now that that’s out of the way, we move on to more relevant data. The next table compiles Departments, their average CGPAs and their average pay packages.

Among the CGPAs, most BTech courses seem to be around 7.7, with Aero and Meta being the lowest there. The average packages, however, offer a completely different relation. Among undergraduate (not purely undergraduate) departments, CS easily has the highest average pay package, with Electrical and ED coming next. Aero and Civil have the lowest average packages, with Aero also having a particularly bad year in conversion ratios as well (see next table). The management program seems to be doing very well, with an average package of 8.5 lakhs.

This is the same data presented graphically.


Overall, almost 50% of all registered students were placed. Here are the complete statistics.


We define conversion ratios as the percentage of people getting jobs in each department. CS has the highest conversion ratio, with ED’s first batch and the MBA program coming close. Overall, 44% of people have been placed until the end of December. A big improvement from last year, let’s hope that this trend gets better over the years.

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