Exit Survey 2020: Extra-Curriculars

Design: Swati Sheenum, G Shreethigha, Shaurya Rawat, Abhiram Pavithran O, Rohit Gadarla and Hardhik Pinjala.

T5E’s Exit Survey 2020 was conducted in the month of july to study student’s perspective of studying at IIT Madras. The respondents of the survey were graduating students of the year 2020. The survey witnessed a total of 300 responses. The survey explored various aspects of a student’s life like Lifestyle, Personal, Career, Academics, Extra-curricular and Opinion.

The following article delves into the extra-curriculars aspect of a student’s life at IITM. From PoRs to schroeter, lets explore them all!

Which of these groups/teams were you a part of while in insti?

The most popular POR choices among respondents were Shaastra, CFI clubs, Saarang and Department fests which was pretty much expected given the size of teams of Shaastra, Saarang and CFI. These were closely followed by department fests which would have a high number of people as well given the number of departments.

Note that the percentages just represent how many percent of people were part of that group/team at some point while their time in insti.

Reason for taking up a PoR

Taking a liking to the work done by the clubs seemed to be the guiding factor in deciding which POR to take, with peer pressure and seniors’ advice also playing a minor role. 


Although the inability to get students excited about inter hostel competitions is, for the most part, evenly spread out among the different degrees, there was a disproportionately large indifference towards LitSoc among PhD students. Overall, UGs have a higher rating for enthusiasm than PGs. UGs had an average rating of 2.27 with B.Techs  having marginally higher rating than duals. PGs had an average rating of 2.06. 

The overall average rating for LitSoc was 2.22.


Techsoc was the least popular of the inter hostel events, by a large margin, with a palpable lack of enthusiasm among B.tech as well as PhD and MA students. UGs had an average enthusiasm rating of 2.2 while PGs reported an average enthusiasm rating of 1.9.

The overall average rating for TechSoc across all degrees was 2.08.


Schroeter was easily the most popular among the inter hostel competitions with an overall average rating of 2.81. The average rating for UGs was again higher than PGs with the ratings being 2.91 and 2.67 respectively.  


A majority of people were a part of Saarang, Shasstra or CFI at some point in their insti lives. Furthermore, most people took PoRs because they had a genuine interest in the work of the club/team.

Schroeter was the most popular amongst inter-hostel competition, followed by LitSoc and then TechSoc. Overall, all inter-hostel events received more enthusiasm from the undergraduates as compared to post-graduates.

IITs along with academics are known for the range of extra-curricular activities they offer. IITM in specific has a plethora of clubs and PoRs that a person can explore. These clubs/teams, along with being places to delve into your hobby or get involved in the work you like, are also places where a student socializes and makes friends. They are important and crucial for a good college experience. The hostel rivalries in Schroeter, LitSoc events like Queen of Sheeba, treasure hunts, and so on are an experience of their own which we believe the graduating batch will cherish for days (if they participated at all).

So, this is it from the Extra-Curriculars aspect. We will be back with the last and final article on the Academics aspect.

So, stay tuned for more analysis!

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