The Start-Up Placement Weekend


Here is a copy of the e-mail sent by Karthik Medarmetla, the student Academic Affairs Secretary, to the student community about the disappointing turnout at the Start-Up drive being held over the weekend.

The first day of the start-up weekend has come to an end. Seven companies
had visited us today and the process started with a brief presentation by
each company. The turn out for the presentations was poor (around 10
students at 8:00 am, the scheduled start time and reached a maximum of 60 by
the end of the talks). It was an awkward situation for us to explain to the
companies the reasons for the poor numbers. (the number of resumes received
was over 1000
and a good number of students were expected for the

A lot of effort had been put in by Prof L S Ganesh and the Placement Office
to make this happen and it was disappointing to see the disconcern among
students. The start-ups have also informed us after the interviews that many
students did not have any idea about the profile they were interviewing
for but did apply. It is expected of the students to have a fair bit of
knowledge about the profile they are interviewing for.

Not surprisingly, the companies have not made any offers to our students.
Similar such drives have been put on hold and will commence once an idea
about the number of students still interested in a job and their interests
are known. This will start with a meeting with the yet to be placed PG
students during the next week, the details of which will be informed soon.

The second half of the placement weekend is scheduled tomorrow (8:00 am,
CLT, 31st Jan, Sunday) and I suggest the interested students to attend the

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