International And Alumni Relations Student Council


The I&AR Student Council plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the institute and its alumni and promotes international relations for the benefit of insti students. Right from organizing interactive sessions with alumni to facilitating student exchange programs, I&AR Student Council strives to make insti a much more joyful place for the visiting students and alumni. We would like to thank members of the different teams for their time and their valuable insights into the work they do.


  • Career Development Cell

The team organizes events throughout the year to acquaint students to various career options they might be interested in. The team’s main aim is not to prepare the students for placements, but to make them aware of the choices they have. They formulate a very well structured calendar full of sessions, events, interactive as well as closed-door gatherings and even ‘webinars’. Moreover, they even invite alumni to be a part of these events. Keeping placements in mind, the team conducts a variety of sessions such as resume building and resume review sessions. Currently, three clubs are affiliated to the Career Development Cell – Finance Club, Analytics Club and Consulting Club. These clubs are planning to inculcate actual case studies and projects in their curriculum to impart practical knowledge to the students.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build a solid professional network
  • Get detailed exposure to all the different career options
  • Enrich your managerial and communication skills by working with professionals on a regular basis.
  • Earn a strategic edge over other students in insti by organizing so many events.


  • Alumni Relations Cell

This team is responsible for carrying out all the activities related to alumni relations for students. They conduct events throughout the year in association with Office of Alumni Affairs and IIT Madras Alumni Association, such as Reunions, Willkommen, etc. They are also responsible for executing the famous Leadership Lecture Series. The team members also have a lot of freedom in ideating and implementing new ideas.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase your communication skills
  • Get a chance to have informal conversations with esteemed alumni of our institute
  • Improve your leadership and networking skills
  • You may also get a chance to represent the institute at certain forums


  • International Relations Cell

International Relations Cell is the first point of contact between the student community and the exchange students. Entrusted with the duty to reduce the hassles faced by the visiting students, this team sends emails to all the incoming students to solve all their queries and helps them complete the formalities in the Academic Section and C.C.W. Office. Apart from all this, the team is also actively involved in organizing the International Day, which is a platform for the exchange students to showcase their country’s culture. The team has also planned to facilitate outgoing students from the next term. This team is also responsible to run the InstiSpice blog.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get a unique opportunity to be a ‘Global Citizen’ in the true sense of the word. Team members get a chance to hang out with students from different countries and understand their culture and traditions.
  • Overall the work is very relaxed. It is a joyful learning curve.


  • Associations and Sponsorship Cell

This team endeavors to add prestige to the ‘IITM tag’ by getting special discounts for the IITM family (students, faculty and alumni). Currently they are associated with New York Times, Amazon, Croma, and etcetera. Do visit their website for more information.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhance your communication skills by talking to esteemed members of prestigious companies.
  • Learn the art of executing deals and business.


  • Institute Branding Cell

As the name suggests, the team takes up the task of boosting insti’s brand image in the global community. This is implemented by publicizing the life as well as achievements of the IITM community. Furthermore, the team also disseminates information regarding the overall life at IIT Madras to prospective students by conducting interactive events. This is done to attract better quality students to IIT Madras.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get to work with different administrative departments such as Media Cell, Communications Officer, Development Office of IIT Madras, Dean I&AR, etcetera. This will improve your overall professional ethics.
  • Close interaction with the IITM fraternity such as experienced professors and alumni. As a result, you improve your networking and communication skills.
  • Ideate on and execute innovative PR campaigns both online and on-ground.
  • Get a chance to represent IIT Madras at various forums.


  1. Peepal Pol (IITMTV, Pod da!, Bioscope Factory)

Peepal Pol, a production unit, undertakes the responsibility of showing insti life to IITM fraternity and general public. Moreover, they are responsible for branding of the institute. The team is also open to working in collaboration with other institute teams to bring out the best of insti life in the form of media. They also cater to the needs of the Office of International and Alumni Relations for displaying media content. Additionally, they also conduct workshops to impart education in the field of audio and video making.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The team focuses on skill development throughout the year through online and offline courses to achieve high standards.
  • Get a chance to do an internship at companies like TVF, Put Chutney, etc.
  • The team members have a freedom of thought and so they obtain a unique opportunity to get their creative juices flowing.
  • Chennai 36

This team is a medium of interaction between the alumni and insti. The work includes reaching out to alumni and asking them questions related to their memorable moments in insti, difference that they observe in insti culture, career tips and many more fascinating topics. They are in-charge of maintaining the alumni blog as well. They have also planned to work closely with the Heritage Club to showcase the institute’s history.

Learning Outcomes:

  • In majority cases, a formal conversation with an alumnus ends as an informal fundae session from esteemed alumnus of insti. Get to know the tricks of the trade from the masters themselves.
  • Get to know the history of our beloved insti from erstwhile students.
  • Improve your writing skills in the process.


  • I&AR Operations Team

The Operations team plays an essential role by being the common bridge between all the departments in I&AR. The team is responsible for storing the data and analyzing it. To sum it up, the Operations team is the common channel of communication and a basic formal structure to bring the entire I&AR Student Council together.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students get a chance to learn many management principles and learn how to create manuals, frame policies, etc.
  • Students also get a chance to learn how to handle vendors and contracts.
  • Moreover, team members also improve skills by collecting feedback of other teams and analyzing it.


  • I&AR Design Team

This team is responsible for making content for ‘ALL’ the events conducted by I&AR Student Council. From the Leadership Lecture Series to Alumni Reunions, the team designs artworks for all. The team is also involved in making the Yearbook – a compilation of treasured memories of one’s insti life.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A chance to improve your designing skills (also an additional point to add in your resume).
  • Since the work is spread throughout the year, one will have more time to expand their skill set.
  • The density of work is less and so is the workload.

Do find out the skills that you would like to develop during your stay in insti and choose the correct PoRs to facilitate the learning process. Best of luck!

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