Academic Affairs Secretary


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What is your motivation behind standing for the post of AAS?

Raaj: The experience that I had over the last two to three years working for the placement team gave me the motivation to help students prepare for their placements. It has been an experience I always wanted to have. So it is out of interest – interest in placements that drives me to compete for this position.

What is the one point in your manifesto that you would like to highlight?

Raaj: The internship portal that is mainly focused on the second and third years. To improve awareness regarding companies and placements on a long scale is probably the point I’d like to highlight.

What do you feel are the major issues that require to be addressed in the coming year?

Raaj: From the academic point of view the most important thing for students is placements. The performance of students has gone down and the companies that come over end up taking only zero or one or two students. So the main issue is preparation and that will be given adequate importance because that is the key aspect we want to tackle. We have a really good pool of companies and hence we would want the students to prepare well and crack the exams.

What is your take on non-core companies occupying prime slots during placements?

Raaj: I think it’s the student’s choice that matters at the end. It’s a 23 year old adult who’s making a choice for his career. So I think it is his choice that has to be given importance before anything because he is the one facing the consequences. It’s a good thing because at the end of the day a lot of students are interested in non-core companies and giving them a good slot is what provides maximum satisfaction to the students.

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