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What is your motivation behind standing for the post of HAS?

JAF: There have been many complaints and many problems that people have been facing in the institute. Wherever you go, people crib about the quality of the mess, the facilities and eateries in the institute and the like. This is when I have decided to take the mantle and do what is required. I think I have enough knowledge and experience to address everything in a proper manner.

Puma: This year, there have been many challenges faced in terms of student facilities. Streamlining the present scenario is the major duty for the next HAS. In case of mess food, there has been a major setback this year. The next HAS has to work hard to rectify these setbacks. I was an MNC member and an MCSF member.

Why should the electorate vote for you?

JAF: It is because of the experience. I have been on the facilities team for Saarang 2012 where I worked with the administration. I have also been the General Secretary of Mandakini hostel this year where I have been coordinating with the Hostel Office, CCW and got infrastructure development and many other activities done. I was a member of the SFC which was checking for different vendors. We also regularly the quality of Zaitoon, Gurunath and have also looked into the laundry facility of the institute.

Puma: Being a mess sec this year and a part of MMC and MCSF I have worked to my maximum and I can do work upto 60% of the work which is there year now. Given a chance, I will give my 100% there. Being a mess sec I was confined to do only 60% of work.

What is the one point in your manifesto that you would like to highlight?

JAF: A common hang out place in the institute. This would be having tables, chairs, benches, proper lighting and wi-fi. The basic purpose of having this is because we don’t have any common meeting place in the institute as of now which is approachable at all times. So this will be a good meeting place.

Puma: I will club the biometric registration, students’ portal and mess endorsement. In students’ portal I’m planning to have an online mess account which will show the mess bills clearly. By biometric system, we will bypass the system of endorsement there. I think this should be outsourced. Online mess account cannot be operated fully by students. As we have much overloaded the networks now, I think I will outsource this and there will be unification of cards. I am also planning to provide interns to the students in the company to which this task will be outsourced.

What do you feel are the major issues that require to be addressed in the coming year?

JAF: We have to remove monopoly in the mess and have proper transparency in the entire system. The laundry facility has to be brought back as well.

Puma: Mess is the major issue. We have to be very specific in the tender procedure this year. My main motto would be to select a good caterer this time. First we have to get more caterers in the canteen document so that we can have more options. I have already been working on this.

Elaborate on a specific contribution of yours as member of any committee under HAS.

JAF: I have worked in two committees under the HAS. One is pertaining to the GenSec and the other one – the MCSF. As a member of MCSF I was monitoring the quality of Basera and taking regular feedback. We as a team also contacted new vendors for the new bid and did quality related and technical checks. As a Gen Sec I did a lot of infrastructural developments for my hostel and coordinated properly with the HAS and the GenSec of the institute.

Puma: This year they formed different MMC committees and sub committees which consists of three mess members and two professors to check on different messes and various other specifications like waste management. I have led this group and have coordinated successfully.

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