STEW: A Veritable Vichyssoise of Verbiage


Gathering the hitherto isolated set of speaking events under one banner, The Oratory Club has an agenda for the year. Kick-starting the same with an ice breaker event, they convened at CRC 101 on the 24th of August, Saturday.

Survive, Tackle, Extrapolate, Win – STEW, the first Speaking Event of the year for freshies had three rounds that followed an elimination process. Beginning with an Extempore round where the participants spoke for thirty seconds on typically punny or funny topics and followed by the Block and Tackle session, where contestants had to Block (speak For) or Tackle (speak Against) a given two-way topic as instructed by the judges, the evening ended with a grand Shipwreck Face-off, where the ‘celebrities’ (or the identities conferred upon each contender) argued and pleaded for that elusive spot on a life boat. With a good turn out, periods of tear jerking humour and an overall entertaining evening, STEW ended up being a very interesting new recipe.

The winners were:

1. Shreyas Harish

2. Suhridh Sundaram

3. Anant Goswami

‘Best smile’: Vishal (because some contestants amazed by doing more than just speaking, the judges felt a special mention was in order. More accurately, one judge did, anyway.)

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