T5E Vacation Guide: Summer Schools 2015-16


By Bragadeesh Suresh Babu and Arjun Rakesh


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If you are looking forward to spending this summer productively by learning new skills or gaining new experiences, then you should try signing up for a summer school of your interest. We have compiled a bunch of good summer schools and learning camps in different areas including research, programming and general skills for you to check out. Remember that application procedures can be quite long, so make sure you start planning now for next summer.

King’s college Summer School in India:

Duration: Around two weeks.

Dates:  Varies depending on courses. Check website for updates

Eligibility: Although there are no prerequisites, for many courses offered this year, students majoring in Biological Sciences/BioTechnology or with an interest in these fields are encouraged to apply.

Cost: Around ₹ 20,000 depending on courses.

King’s College London’s offers a range of exciting Summer School courses in India at the Mumbai and Delhi Summer Schools.

This year new courses are made available in the city of Bangalore. If you are looking forward to gain exposure in the field of Biological sciences/Biotechnology, you can apply for the Bangalore summer school. Make sure you register soon as the next course, “Bangalore Summer School 2015: Advanced Concepts in Infection and Immunity in Clinical Practice: Impact on Translational Medicine”, closes its registrations on 11th July.

King’s Summer School releases courses periodically on its website, so make sure you check the website regularly for updates.



Winter is a good time to join summer schools too. Take a look at these options for this December:

  1. CEPT Summer/Winter schools:

Duration during summer: 2-4 weeks

Dates: Courses range across the months of May and June

Duration during winter: 2-4 weeks

Dates: Over December

Eligibility: Varies depending on courses. Students interested in architecture and  Social Sciences are eligible to apply.

Cost: ₹ 10,000 -₹ 25,000 depending on credits.

Deadline: Roughly during the end of August. Check the website for updated deadlines.

The Summer and Winter Schools (SWS) at CEPT University uses the principles of experimentation, variety and innovation to help students gain a valuable learning experience, giving them opportunities to explore emerging areas, providing space to test new ideas and methods  and create opportunities to learn by making. The courses in SWS are intense and are for short durations of two to four weeks.This program is conducted every year so if you missed out on the registrations, mark your calendars for next year.


  1. IPTSE CMU Winter School:

Duration: Yet to be announced for 2015. Dec 10-24 during the previous year.

Eligibility: Anyone interested in programming. Though a major in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering is preferred, students from other branches are also eligible to apply.

Hosted by various Indian technical institutes each year in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University’s Internship Program in Technology-Supported Education (IPTSE), the annual winter school aims in providing valuable research training opportunities for researchers and young students in the field of Computer Science. The winter school works in various projects addressing important practical issues including recovery of a patient, criminal data, sports commentary. Some of the projects held during in the winter of 2014 included emotion recognition, predicting crime rates for predictive policing, voice forensics and seven other projects.


Watch out for the deadline for winter 2015.



As we are already in June, the deadlines for the following summer schools for this year are over, but make sure to watch out for them next year.


  1. Symbiosis Summer school:

Duration this year: 10th May 2015 to 29th May 2015

Eligibility: Anyone with the passion to follow their dreams & above 18 years of age.

If you are interested in exploring your dreams or knowing more about your passion, then you should definitely try Symbiosis Summer School (SSS). It is programme designed to provide students, working professionals, in fact, all adults above the age of 18, an intellectually stimulating environment with like-minded people to explore and learn.

It offers  courses in filmmaking, creative writing, photography, dramatics, media literacy & popular culture, climate change, legal aspects of business in India, international relations and more.


  1. JTG Summer School:

Duration this year: 20th July 2015 to 23rd July 2015.

Eligiblity: Students pursuing a major in Electrical Engineering with interest in research.

If you find yourself passionate about research in Electrical Engineering, you should consider registering for the JTG summer school at IISc Bangalore. This summer school, which is sponsored by IEEE Information Theory Society, was started by the Joint Telematics Group (JTG) to cover contemporary research topics in signal processing, telecommunication, and networking for students and young researchers from all over India.


  1. Mathematics Summer Research Programme:

Duration: 3-8 weeks subject to availability of student and faculty.

Eligibility: Students pursuing undergraduate programme in their pre-final year or final year.

Bachelors and Masters students interested in Mathematics are encouraged to apply for this programme. By being a part of this program, you can pursue advanced study in mathematics with one of faculty members. As the admission is purely based on merit, this would be a wonderful opportunity for top students to pursue research in mathematics.


  1. The Theory/Praxis Course by FCT Baroda

Duration: Mid June to July every year

Eligibility: Although the course is aimed at research students in various disciplines under Humanities and Social Sciences, application is also open to students from other disciplines who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches.

Cost: ₹ 20,000 including lodging and food, though travel is not covered.

This course, organized by the Forum for Contemporary Theory in Baroda, is hosted in various institutes across the country every year. The course comprises intensive, high-contact talks and lectures by eminent scholars. This year’s course was held in EFLU’s Shillong campus, and featured week-long classes by eminent faculty from Princeton and Duke Universities. It offers a great opportunity for students interested in research to explore their options and get in touch with scholars in the field.


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