Live Levitation Sessions at IITM


by Shilpa Menon and Liza Tom


For those who have not already heard of the Inner Rising retreat and its originator, Swami Poornaviswananda, here’s a chance to experience the power of the Kundalini Release first hand — he will be conducting a session at the Ladies’ Club on Banyan Avenue this Wednesday, 5 p.m. The highlight of the event will be a demonstration of the levitation technique, which signifies the attainment of Kundalini Release.

T5E got the opportunity to speak to the man himself, who says, “Gravity and all other forces of nature — they are all in the mind. They can be overcome, just as we would overcome fear or some other psychic force. In the Upper Realm, all forces — ideal and material — become One. ” This, according to him, is the driving mantra behind the principle of Inner Rising, which is rapidly gaining followers, even within IITM.

Swami Poornaviswananda says that anyone can acquire these powers in six months through intensive practice of the Pranayana, where a gradual release of the Kundalini energy will detoxify the body and rid it of all the ills of the modern lifestyle. The last stage will be attained when the body transcends its material fetters and achieves ultimate equilibrium. When asked about the controversial nature of his teachings, especially the act of levitation, he responded thus: “The physical act of levitation is not an end in itself; this is not a magic trick! It is merely a manifestation of the Kundalini awakening. This is something that was commonly practised by the yogis of ancient times; all I am doing is re-introducing these concepts in modern times.”

Swami Poornaviswananda has expressed his willingness to conduct weekly levitation sessions for the residents of the campus: “IIT Madras has an environment that is naturally conducive to such awakening. The banyan trees around campus are nodal points of spiritual vibrations.” He also hinted at plans to introduce an Inner Rising module to the Life Skills course, provided that the administration approves. “Such practices are of utmost importance in a high-stress environment like IIT — there is no better way to train the mind to achieve its goals,” he explains.

Note: T5E belatedly wishes its readers a happy April Fools’ day. This was our April Fools’ Day prank. (Of course, no offence was intended.) 

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