Lit-Soc Cluedo


The Lit-Soc Variety Event ‘Cluedo’ took place at the CLT on the 15th of January, 2010. The ever popular event has participants, at their wits end, attempting to solve several short whodunits or minute mysteries.

The fare this year was varied. At least a couple of the questions were so straightforward, that the first reading itself yielded the answer. Some techniques appear far too often in the event. For instance, the very sight of a phone number now leads the participant to see what appears on his t9 keypad when he types it. Right at the other end of the spectrum, the open ended question threw out the one of the most convoluted solutions to have ever been devised in any event of this nature. The picture question, though, was the Zaheer Khan of the wobbly line-up. Do try and figure out if the driver in the figure is following traffic regulations!

The question papers were unfortunately riddled with typos of every nature. nnoyingly, the apital etters were missing everywhere. It took a very long time to get everything sorted out. Several questions may have had logical loopholes, yet it was a largely enjoyable exercise for the gathering. The coords too were game enough to admit that any answer which was supported by sound reasoning would be at least partially rewarded.

*Spoiler Alert *

The windscreen wipers’ orientation tells us that the car is a left-handed drive and is motoring along in accordance of the traffic rules.cluedocar

The Cluedo results—

Position : 1

Vishnu Mohan – Narmada – 7.5 pts
Jacob George – Narmada – 7.5 pts

Position : 2

Saurav Roy – Jamuna – 6 pts
Sarvesh Baveja – Jamuna – 6 pts

Position : 3

Venugopal Balasubramanian – Mandakini – 4.5 pts
Nishan Hegde – Mandakini – 4.5 pts

Position : 4

Karthik G – Saraswathi – 3 pts
Akshaya Acharya – Saraswathi – 3 pts

Position : 5

Devesh (Tied with Saras team) – Ganga – 1.5 pts
Arun Murali (Tied with Ganga team) – Saraswathi – 1.5 pts
Sujit (Tied with Saras team) – Ganga – 1.5 pts
Ameya Karve (Tied with Ganga team) – Saraswathi – 1.5 pts

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