January 2011 Edition and Errata


January 2011You can access the soft copy of the latest print of the T5E newsletter here

It has been brought to our notice that we missed out a couple of things in the Inter-IIT article and we’ve identified the cause to be a mischievous word file. Here are the entries that got left out of the final print. We apologise for the error.

The IIT Madras Weightlifitng team performed exceptionally well this year by bringing home five important medals. In the under 56kg category, Jagadishwara got a silver medal with a combined weightlift of 144kgs. Sabarish won gold for both the 56kg-62kg and the 62kg-66kg categories with a combined lift of 170kgs in both categories. Sandeep Gautam won silver with a combined weight lift of 161kgs in the 62-69kg category, and the institute WL captain Rajesh Reddy earned a silver medal with a clean lift of 182kgs in the 69-77kg category. Roorkee and Bombay also performed well in the weightlifting tournament to finish with silver and bronze respectively.

The medal count for Athletics began on day 3 when the Madras athletes came third in the 4×400 relay with a timing of 3:41:57. They were preceded by the Bombay and the Kharagpur teams. Day 4 proved to be extremely fruitful for the contingent as IIT-Madras managed to win a medal in each event. Sneha came a close second in the 100m womens race with an impressive timing of 15.02s. Praveen Kumar outran his opponents and romped home with gold and a timing of 11.40s. In the 400m run, Siva Teja came first clocking 54.73s. Dinesh Jayaram won the bronze in triple jump with an exceptional hop of 11.97m. In Javelin, Pradeep Kumar missed the gold by a whisker with an impressive throw of 45.05 m. The relay teams, both men and women, were somewhat unlucky as they missed the gold in their repsective events by milliseconds but clocked outstanding timings. The 4×100 womens team reached with a timing of 1:00:64 while the mens 4x100m relay team finished with a timing of 46.12s. The tournament ended on a fruitful note with the IIT-Madras team signing off with a 1-2 finish in the 400m hurdles. Siva Teja came first with a timing of 1:02:09 and Rahul Kasu came second with a timing of 1:02:52. Rahul Kasu snapped up silver in pole vault clearing 2.90m.

Madras’s volleyball team began with high expectations following their splendid gold in Inter IIT Kanpur last year, but started off with a loss of 3-1 to the IIT-Delhi team. This did not deter them as they came back strongly with a win of 3-0 against IIT-Kharagpur. Their next opponent IIT-Rajasthan offered little resistance and surrendered 0-3 as well. The confident IIT-Madras team had little difficulty in winning against the IIT-Kanpur team in the semi finals 3-0. The final was a face off between IIT-Madras and IIT-Roorkee. Madras won the first two sets comfortably and was poised to finish off, but Nike and Gautam of IIT-Roorkee fought hard to bring back the score to 2-2. Ultimately, it took a lot of grit to overcome the challanger and IIT-Madras won gold ahead of Roorkee and Guwahati(bronze).

Although it was not part of the points tally, chess turned out to be one of the most hotly contested of all events, with 14 teams participating in a 6 round tournament. Madras, who won gold and silver in the last two years, disappointed themselves by finishing off third overall. The tournament began well for them when they defeated Hyderabad and Kanpur, followed by a comprehensive victory over first seed and eventual winners Bombay 3-1. However, the team was inexplicably lost form as they lost two successive matches, against Guwahati and Delhi, 3-1 each. But, they managed to pull themselves together in the final round where they beat IIT-Kharagpur 3.5-.5 to finish third in the competition. Silver went to Delhi.

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