Inter-IIT 2010-11 Updates


46_Inter_IIT_2010These are incomplete results mostly for the men’s GC and we are trying our best to make sure we get all the information soon. Till then here’s how it’s going:

Day 1
Lost at Squash vs D 1-2
Lost at Volley vs D 3-1
Lost at Baski vs D 43-24
Lost at Cricket vs D 123-4/124-4 (last ball loss)
Lost at Hockey vs B 2-1
We did winat Squash, Chess and Tennis. We’ll be updating the scores soon.

Day 2
Some wins
Won at TT vs Ptn 3-0
Won at Tennis vs Rj 3-0
Won at Volley vs Kgp 3-0
Won at WL
– Sabarish , 1st (65-62)
– Sabarish, 1st (62-69)
– Jagdishwara, 2nd (U56)
– K Mohana Balaji, 4th (U56)
– Won at Basketball against Kgp 65-53
– IITM also qualified for finals in 400m running and 110m hurdle ( Sivateja)
– Also Badminton, so far: Won vs Idr 3-0, and lost vs K 0-3

Day 3
– Won Bronze in 4x400m relay
– Won 4th in 110m hurdles (Sivateja).
Won at Badminton vs H 3-0
Won at Cricket vs Rpr 74-2/70-10
Won at Footer vs Mdi 5-0
Won at Hockey vs G 5-0
Won at Squash vs K 3-0
– Sandeep G, 2nd (62-69)
– Rajesh Reddy, 2nd (69-77)

Day 4

– 1st in 100m ( Praveen Kumar)
– 2nd in Javelin Throw (Praveen Kumar)
– 3rd in Triple Jump (Dinesh J)
– 4th in Triple Jump (Suraj Nair)
– 2nd in 400m (Siva Teja)
Knocked out of at Basketball vs G 44-52
Knocked out in footer vs R 3-4
Won at TT vs K 3-0
Won at Tennis vs Mdi 3-0
Lost Tennis semi-finals vs K 1-3, into the losers’ finals vs R
Won at Volley vs Rj 3-0
Won at Badminton vs Kgp 3-2

Day 5

Lost at Cricket qf vs R 89-8/104-6
Won at Hockey in the semi-finals vs Kgp 2-2 (tb5-6), into theĀ  finals vs B
Won at TT semi-final vs G 3-0;
Won Volley semi-finals vs K 3-0, into the finals vs R
Lost at Squash semi-finals vs R 2-1
– Won 2nd in the 4X100m relay

– – –

IITM has won gold in TT, Hockey and Volley and silver in Athletics. We have also won the GC. T5E congratulates all the sportsmen and the support staff for this tremendous achievement

Won Hockey finals vs B 1-1(tb3-2)
Won Volley finals vs R 3-2
– 400m H 1st (Sivateja) & 2nd (Rahul Kasu)
– Pole vault 2nd (Rahul).

GC points for Madras:
Athletics – 12 (Silver)
Hockey, TT, Volley and WL – 10 each (Gold)
WP 4
Total until now = 56 pts
2nd are B & Kgp with 28pts each
4th are R & K with 22pts each

IITM Girls are also leading GC with 49 points, 25pts ahead of R who have 24

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