First Stage, Schroeter Cricket 2010-11


The first stage knockout matches, which concluded by the fifth of February, were organised by splitting hostels into 8 groups with 2 hostels each. All matches were played as per the Twenty20 format. One hostel was selected from each each group. Tapti, Ganga, Jamuna, Cauvery, Godavari and Alak proceeded to the next stage after winning their games in the weekend leading up to Saarang, while Sindhu and Mandak finished their games this weekend and took their places in one of the two pools. The second stage will be conducted in a league format, with each team playing against the other three teams in their pool. These matches are being held in the first two weeks of february.

Results of the First Stage:

A1- Tapti vs A2-Sindhu

A3- Alak vs A4-Tambi

A5 –Ganga vs A6-Saras

Picture courtesy: Vivek "Bladder" Parthasarathy

A7- Pampa vs A8-Krishna

Picture courtesy: Biblesh Dhyawana
Picture credits: Biblesh Dhyawana

A9- Jamuna vs A10-Sharav

A11- Mandak vs A12-Brahmaputra

A13- Cauvery vs A14-Narmada

A15- Mahanadi vs A16-Godav

Second Stage Pools:

Pool A: Tapti, Ganga, Yamuna and Cauvery

Pool B: Godav, Alak, Sindhu, Mandak

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