Dance Dance Revolution: Choreo Night 2013


‘Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order,’ said one Samuel Beckett, but as Choreo night 2013 unfolded, it was evident that enough and more  thought went behind each performance as the hostels battled for valuable Lit-Soc points. The event  took place on the 4th of October, and each hostel brought to life a particular theme, in all its colourful glory.

Sharavati's performance

Sharav, being the only girls’ team in the competition this year, opted to do a rendition of Cinderella. Meanwhile the boys hostels had themes ranging from Time Travel, Zombification, Box office(s) to  Pirates of The Caribbean – complete with a very drunk Jack Sparrow.

Mandak's performance

The commencement was delayed by almost an hour as the turnout was  initially  inadequate but soon the crowds turned up in fairly large numbers. The dance sequences gathered a lot of appreciation from the crowds, with their creative use of lighting and props. The freshie hostels seemed to lack the finesse the other performances harboured, but their efforts were well acknowledged.

Jamuna's performance

Distinct memories to take back from the night included a tribute to M.J and a Chennai Super Kings ‘whistle podu’ by Mandak; Saras’ humorous enactment of the phases of intoxication; a few guys in girl clothing, garnering a lot of appreciation from the male population; and a Barney Stinson ‘suits’ piece receiving the same from the girls. With the themes spanning across wide areas of interests, there was something for everyone in the audience. The night came to an end with the finals years, and a few enthusiastic others, going up on stage and indulging in carefree dancing to popular numbers.

Raghu, an exceptional choreographer who led the IITM Choreo team to victory in Saarang previously, was one of the judges this year. And as he announced the winners, he imparted key pointers for the dancers on improving their performance.

The results, though, were received with considerable amount of skepticism, and there was a floating opinion that Sharav’s win was only due to the girl minority. Jamuna’s performance seemed to be recognized as a well-deserving one and many wondered why it didn’t place. Despite the discrepancies and hostel rivalry (to put it mildly), the night was a sure success.

The results:

1st – Sharavati
2nd – Godavari
3rd – Mandakini
4th – Ganga

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