Insti Memories: Call for Articles

cover7Memories closer to our heart
slip away and disown us.
Lose us in a busy market place.
We catch some through writing
Store them in a smoke jar for future.
They plead for an escape.
Their deliverance is never satisfactory.
Only in writing,
We promise them
Anything and everything.

– Trinath G

Life, they say, is an open book in which our destiny, dreams, emotions, experiences and reflections are written down, by us and others. Gifts, mementoes, tokens etc. serve as mediums to revive the bygone chapters of our life and indulge in playful introspection of our past self. The Book of Memories is one such souvenir for graduating students of IIT Madras, conceived and compiled by ‘The Pickwick Club’.

Our maiden venture, ‘The Last Bencher’, was a huge success with the official blog garnering more than 2000 views in less than 2 months. The book contained articles ranging from ranging from tips on love life to hilarious pranks; an inspiring treatise of the journey of the graduating students of batch 2011 of IIT Madras.

The name ‘The Pickwick Club’ is inspired from the famous novel of Charles Dickens “The Posthumous Papers of Pickwick Club”. In this novel, the main character, Samuel Pickwick, the founder and perpetual president of the Pickwick Club, and three other “Pickwickians” undertake journeys to remote places from London to research into the quaint and curious phenomena of life.

We kind of do the same. We out there to help you document your special times. The book is a sincere attempt to capture your thoughts, sentiments, beliefs and else everything else that made you who you are today. Some incidents make you chuckle and have a good laugh while others bring tears. 40 years down the line, we are sure this will be a treasured piece of your life. So just let yourself loose in the whirlpool of bygone memories and relive those moments once again before you bid your final adieu to your second home called IIT Madras.
How can you contribute?

· Send your stories to iit.memories2012[at] with your contact details.

· You can send us the link to your blog post/facebook note to the above email ID.

· You can tell your story to our correspondents. Fill in your contact details in the google form (here) or email your contact details to the above ID. Our correspondents will contact you and ensure that your story will reach us.

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